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Place of Power

I came to stillness this morning as I do every morning, closed my eyes, opened

my palms in receptivity and immediately felt this all pervading love arise within ..

The words place of power arose into my awareness.

This. This place I come to everyday. In gratitude, in offering, in devotion.

It's alive with this, alive with the vibratory field of all that is beheld here.

I came to thinking about us all collectively in this.

Each of us. An energetic field. A vibratory field of awareness.

Each of us a place of power.

How are we accessing this?

How are we using our power?

What are we bringing our energy to?

The power of our thought?

The power of our intention?

The power of our word?

The power of our action?

The power of our love?

The power of our devotion?

Imagine the power of us all devotedly bringing our awareness to love, to gratitude, to offering.. The power of this! The power in this! The power in us!

In any doubt about your power? Find a place, maybe at the base of your favourite tree, or a beautiful corner in your home with a candle and a image that evokes love for you.. wherever it is choose to come to this space every day. Every morning before the day starts. Take a moment to remember all the blessings this lifetime has bought you from the breath in your body, to those you love and are loved by, the food you eat, the places you have seen, the nature that fills your senses, your children, your friends, your family, your teachers, your creativity, your body, birdsong, sweet song, love song ... and in this love light a candle and offer this love to the world. Let it pour from you.

Do this for three months. Consistently. Then just close your eyes in this space and feel the power of your love.

I bow to this.

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