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Our Offerings

Empower, Transcend, Liberate

Transpersonal Counselling

The Path of Self Enquiry

To have counsel is as ancient as time herself. To arrive to a listening ear so that one may hear oneself, to find sanctuary amidst the mayhem so one may feel safe enough to explore the boundary and boundlessness of ones existence, to be held enough to risk touching the agonies that call to be witnessed, honoured and transformed, to have space enough to breathe, to see, to feel, to know. 

There is a powerful myth of these times that has taken hold. The myth goes something like this... ' there is something wrong, weak or self absorbed in me to come for counsel." I challenge this right here with you as my witness. It is only the bravest amongst us who can risk being seen in the moment of our greatest unknowing.

Counsel is a wisdom tool, a place we offer ourselves to when the doing is to be done. To dive under the skins of our story, that we may gaze upon, with open heart, the very bones of our existence.

What is here? 

What is asking to be seen?

What is needing to be healed?

What is asking to be released?

What calls to be honoured?

I offer you:

I offer you sanctuary, soul and silence, space to rest into... All that needs to arrive will arrive here. 



I have been working as a Transpersonal Counsellor, confidante and guide for many many years, borne originally from a longing to find love in grief, sense in despair, wisdom in trauma... I come as a member of BACP [British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy] and bring 30 years of medicine ways to our work together.

Cost: Hourly session £55

Online, or In-Person sessions available at my home in Frome, Somerset.

Concessions: Some reduced fee spaces are available for student counsellors and those on low income so please just ask if you need support.

Lisa has a unique ability to laser beam her intuition onto the core of your soul, enabling you to deeply connect with your real self. If you get an opportunity to work with Lisa, you are blessed." - Kym Netherton

Sound Baths

Candlelit Soundbaths in the Yurt

An intimate gathering of souls. A space of candlelight, of reverence for life.

A guided journey into the immersion of gong, bowl, & voice.

"We are vibratory beings in a vibratory universe. One song, many different voices" 

Bring a blanket, a pillow and your intention.

 £15 per person

Singing Bowl Meditation

A personal Sound Bath where the bowls are placed on and around the body to induce a deep state of peace. Let sound vibration take you into realms of expanded consciousness, accessing that state of infinite potential.

"Into this...To place a seed, an intention is to behold the whole forest."

This is a beautiful experience in Transcendence.

Calming. Healing. 

A doorway into a meditative state.

Cost: £30. 

Personal Sadhana

Practices that support expansion.

Sadhana is a daily spiritual practice that we dedicate ourselves to in support of our evolution, our personal growth, our wellbeing, our connection to Grace. 

We devote ourselves to our chosen Sadhana for a specific number of days with each practice carrying its own unique energetic quality, vibration and intention. It may be based around a tantric Mantra, a japa mala practice, a kriya & breath Set or a Meditation.

There are extensive practices available to support us, from practices that stabilize and balance the nervous system, brain health, personal power, the art of detachment, abundance...

''Just wanted to say what a force of light, what a force of love, what a force of empowerment, of embodiment, of wisdom, of truth, of love you are. The way you hold space for the Sadhana is beyond anything I have ever experienced, its just Godly and divine and human, its perfect."

- Ieva Selena

On a personal level I find taking on a Sadhana a profound experience. The capacity beheld within to cut through the tricks of the ego mind and tap into expansiveness is beyond exquisite.

- Lisa. Karunamayee

Personal Sadhana, Initiation and Practice 

One to one Initiation is a Sadhana created specifically for you to support your personal growth. It is created around your deepest intention whether that relates to a specific health issue, a wellbeing plan, supporting a life change, a change in behaviour, a tool to align to expansion, a doorway to peace or simply just because it calls to you...Whatever it is, together we will create something quite magical! :)

The personal sadhana includes initial discussion, the creation of personal practice & recording of your personal practice, one to one initiation into the practice and follow up meeting.

Offered online or in person.

Never underestimate the power of your practice.

Cost: £222

Group Sadhana

For those of you who prefer to work as a collective, with friends or family and have a shared intention in mind, please contact me to discuss and arrange. Minimum 4 people. Offering is as above for personal sadhana.

Cost: £75 per person 

Next Sadhana: Goddess Sadhana 

Dates to be Confirmed.

We will drop into the lap of the Goddess in her many forms, invoking the aspects and energies we wish to expand within ourselves and in our world. Aligning with Grace.

Our Sadhana will be Kriya & Mantra based, drawing on the transformative power of kriya to bring us into a state of expansion and the divine energies of mantra, symbol and simplicity to unite.

All teachings will be shared as short daily recordings & inspirations on a private page.

Let us come together as a state of offering, service and receptivity.

Our Sadhana 

So long we have been taught that we are separate from the divine that even the most dedicated of spiritual seeker still seats themselves at the altar for prayer not knowing the altar is infact themselves. That every word and sound and grace we share is the Prasad we are offering the world.

This journey, this Sadhana, this pilgrimage, is an invocation to Expand.

Contact me for further details if she calls you.

To chat please contact me at or Tel: +447790 552293 

                                     "Where intention goes energy follows" - Anand Mehrotra

Counselling, Sound & Sadhana: Our Therapies
Counselling, Sound & Sadhana: Quote

"All becomes illuminated in the face of the Divine."


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