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Transpersonal Counselling

The Path of Self Enquiry

It maybe that as you arrive to this page you are feeling that you have been subject to so much advice and opinion that it has only served to confuse you further, leaving everything feeling unclear and possibly overwhelming. 

You may feel there is no way through, no way out, hitting the wall, that "What now?"

When there is no way through the only way is in.

When it all feels too much, too confusing, too messy, too painful, too hurtful, out of control.. the greatest gift we can give to ourself is space, space to breath, space to think, space to enter the silence of our own being, to really connect with what's going on for us, not through the eyes of anyone else but through our own eyes, reconnecting us to that inner experience, our own knowing, and yes our own unknowing.

To shift from what we know we need to drop into the unknown or else get caught up in playing out an ever repeating past, the ever repeating known. 

Counselling is an opportunity to dive under the skin of our story, coming to the bare bones of our experience and laying them down to our own wise gaze.

What is coming up for us?

What is asking to be seen?

What is needing to be healed?

I offer a space to this, to you, a sanctuary in which to come into silence, to be witnessed, to be heard, a space in which you are encouraged to dive into your own experience of living and healing, honouring your life transitions.

I will not seek to provide you with answers that given the right space I know you will access for yourself, but rather serve to guide you inwards to access your own inner knowing, your own intuition, your own wisdom. 

As a Transpersonal Counsellor I am looking at holding space for the whole, to both that very tangible personal experience of living and also that which maybe extends beyond the mind, beyond our ability to really explain or find word for. We could say its that knowing beyond knowing.. we don't know why we know what we know but we know!!

I like to think of Counselling as a space we come to realise we were never meant to fit into tidy boxes, or be as anyone else, that the life pictures we paint always go over the edges, that its here that we find our uniqueness, our gifts, our essential nature. We are found as much in the unknown as we are in the known.



I have been working as a counsellor, confidante and guide for many years, and am a member of BACP [British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy]. I have experience in working with a wide range of issues including Bereavement, Relationship Difficulties, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Rape, PTSD, Grief, Sexual Identity, Trauma, Body Dysmorphia, Eating Disorders, Depression, Anxiety Spirituality/Religion, Domestic Abuse, Empowerment..

How I work:

I am an intuitive and work with the energy in the space between us. During our time together I may draw on different healing expressions to support your wellbeing, this may be as simple as a breath practice, visualisation, embodied practice/yoga, guided meditation, creativity, honouring through ritual, connection through nature, as well as the more traditional healing power of story.

Cost: Hourly session £45.00

I offer an initial one hour consultation at a reduced fee of £30.00 so we can meet and discuss what you feel you need at this time and also to give you the opportunity to feel into how I work without any further obligation.  If you then decide I am the right person to support you we will arrange a day and time that becomes your space. 

Some concessionary spaces are available for student counsellors and those on low income so please just ask if you need support.

Online Counselling is available either via Zoom or Whatsapp

Getting in Touch:

If you have any questions at all or would like to book an introductory session please contact me via Email at speak2lisa@hotmail.com OR telephone me on +447790552293

Location: Frome, Somerset, UK

" Lisa Is uniquely talented, she is able to laser beam her intuition onto the core of your heart and soul, enabling you to deeply connect with your real self. If you get an opportunity to work with Lisa, you are blessed." - Kym Netherton

Sound Meditation

Coming into Silence


A meditative and healing journey throughout the field of sound.

Where there is sound there is first the silence from which it arises.

Experience the powerful healing resonance of Mantra, together with the Tibetan Singing Bowls on and around the body. 

Let sound vibration take you into realms of expanded consciousness, accessing that state of infinite potential.

"Into this...To place a seed, an intention is to behold the whole forest."

This is a beautiful experience in Transcendence. Calming. Healing. 

A doorway into a meditative state.

COST: £30. 


An intimate gathering of souls. A space of candlelight, of reverence for life. A guided journey into the immersion of gong, bowl, & voice.

Bring a blanket, a pillow and your intention.

Upcoming Candlelit Sound Baths & Journey [ Limited to 4 at present]

Dates: To be announced

 £15 per person

"We are vibratory beings in a vibratory universe. One song, many different voices" 

To chat please contact me at speak2lisa@hotmail.com or Tel: +447790 552293 

Personal Sadhana

Practices that support expansion.

Sadhana is a daily spiritual practice that we dedicate ourselves to in support of our evolution, our personal growth, our wellbeing, our connection to Grace. 

We devote ourselves to our chosen Sadhana for a specific number of days, each practice carrying its own unique energy and intention. Our practice may be based around a Tantric Mantra, a Japa Mala Practice, a Kriya & Breath Set or a Meditation.

"On a personal level I find taking on a Sadhana a profound experience. They have the capacity to cut through the tricks of the ego mind, and offer up an expansiveness that is just beyond exquisite."

- Karunamayee

Sattva Yoga offers extensive practices that can support us in our Sadhana, from practices that stabilize and balance the nervous system, brain health, personal power, the art of detachment, abundance...


One to one Initiation is a Sadhana created specifically for you to support your personal growth. It is created around your deepest intention whether that relates to a specific health issue, a wellbeing plan, supporting a life change, a change in behaviour, a tool to align to expansion, a doorway to peace or simply just because it calls to you...Whatever it is, together we will create something quite magical! :)

The personal sadhana includes initial discussion, the creation of personal practice & recording of your personal practice, one to one initiation into the practice and follow up meeting.

Offered online or in person.

Never underestimate the power of your practice.

Cost: £180


For those of you who prefer to work as a collective, with friends or family and have a shared intention in mind, please contact me to discuss and arrange. Minimum 4 people. Offering is as above for personal sadhana.

Cost: £60 per person 

To chat please contact me at speak2lisa@hotmail.com or Tel: +447790 552293 

                                     "Where intention goes energy follows" - Anand Mehrotra


"All becomes illuminated in the face of the Divine."