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This is an invitation to every sister, every woman, every girl who feels that call within, bidding she take up her seat in this circle of power. Somewhere she comes to surrender, to nurture, to honour, to heal, to share, to envision, to fall in raptures unto her own feminine heart. A meeting place that's called from the very bones of her being.

Come lets gather, baring witness to the silent wisdom that arises when we sit in circle together. Welcome. Come sit, and share in your story so we may all be transformed in the telling. Together, let us call on the powers of nature to guide us. Let us remember the sacredness of ceremony and ritual and allow ourselves to become enriched by her presence. Let us honour the sacred nature of life's transitions. Bringing home the power of initiation and rites of passage. Let us once again sound the drum and join together in a wondrous celebration of life, of woman, of her mysteries, and her calling.

Rebirthing in Spring 2022 as a new bud, a new dawning, a new moon.

Both online and in person.

To chat please contact me at or Tel: +447790 552293 

She-is-Dreaming: Welcome
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