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Medicine Circle of Women

This is an invitation to every Sister who feels the call...

A meeting place that's called from the very bones of her being and the very wisdom of her soul.


Our medicine and enquiry for this year and beyond is how we meet those edges in ourself and the other...

How do we stay with those places that come as painful or uncomfortable or shame ridden without denying, projecting, avoiding or running?

How comfortable are we with our own fire?

Our own shadow?

Can we stay in the abyss and be transformed by her?

Can we meet each other here after centuries of being turned against each other, fearing each other and find new ways to trust and evolve. Medicine ways. Wise ways in which to pass forward to daughters, mothers, loved ones, sisters, friends..

Can we?

Welcome Sister. Let us come into the heart/womb river and share deeply of the wisdom in our bones. May we all be transformed in the telling.

Let us make ceremony of sadness, fire from challenge, meaning of story, honour of transition, dance of truth and sanctity and sacred to this path we tread. 

What else is so worthy of our time than this gathering of medicine ways, that we may share amongst ourselves and gather it close for sister, loved ones, land and brother..

So much has changed for us all hasn't it, so much of who we are, how we are living and relating and communicating together..Yet within this there has been the extraordinary, the truth keepers of our own beings emerging from the dust of patriarchal living to reclaim our bones and our timeless knowing.

Let us call on the powers of nature to guide us.

Let us remember the sacredness of ceremony and ritual and allow ourselves to become enriched by her presence.

Let us honour the sacred nature of life's transitions, her wisdom, her cycles, her deep bone knowing, bringing honour to her initiations & rites of passage. 

Let us join together in a wondrous celebration of her mysteries and her calling.

"What I wish to offer here is a safe space, a sacred fire, that which makes for ceremony, that which grounds and holds us, that which calls us home. To wise ways. Simple ways. Truth baring ways."

Monthly. 6.45p-9.00pm

On the Sunday before the Full Moon

In the Yurt. Hideaway. Frome.

Invited Donation: £13

To chat please contact me at or Tel: +447790 552293 

Medicine Circle of Women: Welcome
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