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Take me to the places on the Earth

that teach you how to dance,

the places where you can risk letting the world break your heart

And I will take you to the places

where the earth beneath my feet

and the stars overhead

 make my heart whole again

and again.

Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Retreat: Quote

Retreat. Sanctuary.

A Medicine Journey

Why do we retreat?

How does one encapsulate the sheer capacity of retreat and pilgrimage to renew and enliven the spirit? Where to even begin... 

To pause, to have space enough to breathe, to tend to, to flourish, to explore, to enquire is such an incredible medicine for the soul....making gaps for inspiration to walk through our lives that we may look with renewed vigour and inspiration upon our world. To know ourselves as an intrinsic part of all this, to root down into our belonging that we may rise rooted and whole. The slow unfolding that comes from simply giving time. To fill oneself. To nourish. To enliven. To recharge. To illuminate. To enlighten. To inspire. To empower. To share soulfully with our very existence.

The intention of Retreat

Each journey carries its own medicine, aligning us to a specific energy, a particular vibration, an invocation, an intention, a power, a grace.

The Practices

An integration of yogic, shamanic, self enquiry and nature based ritual. 

A Retreater This is the best retreat of all. Can we stay forever? ” 

Another " It was the retreat of all retreats and I feel deeply blessed to have walked it with you.


17th-23rd May 2024

A Pilgrims journey of Soul & Soil.

The longing that has called to us for as long as time herself..

Following in the footsteps of millions of pilgrim souls to this holy place...

To know our own.

In readiness for this Pilgrimage there will be a journey within a journey. A preparation of Soul as to ready the Pilgrim.This will begin a month before we travel.

For further details on Iona Pilgrimage please get in touch.


Cornwall, 4th-8th October 2024

A space to untether... to set free. In communion, in inspiration, in word, in flow, in song, in silence. 

The untethered soul is a source of awe.

As with all retreats there is a depth here that cannot be explained but only experienced. Something utterly magical takes the hand and guides the unfolding..

Four Nights surrounded by Ocean, Woodlands and Grace.

Cost £425

All retreats are inclusive of Accommodation, Food & Practices.

Please Note: Nr deposit required at time of booking to confirm space, all retreats are non refundable unless your space is able to be filled.

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