Take me to the places on the Earth

that teach you how to dance,

the places where you can risk letting the world break your heart

And I will take you to the places

where the earth beneath my feet

and the stars overhead

 make my heart whole again

and again.

Oriah Mountain Dreamer


Retreat. Sanctuary.

Why do we retreat?

To retreat at these times seems to be ever more essential to basic wellbeing. To have those periods of space and time where we plug out of daily bombardment of information and plug in to that wise

stillness within. To feed oneself. To nourish. To enliven. To recharge. To illuminate. To enlighten. To inspire.

The intention of Retreat

With each retreat we align ourselves to a specific energy, a particular vibration, an invocation, an intention. Aligning ourselves to the power of Now.

The Practices

An integration of yogic, shamanic, self enquiry and nature based ritual.

A Retreater This is the best retreat of all. Can we stay forever? ” 

Springtime Retreat

Wild Earth:Wild Heart 

13th May- 16th May 2022

A Springtime Yogic adventure with a Shamanic heart!

Come be healed by the power of beauty,

Guided by love and wild earth and dancing feet.

Dive into the fertile and abundant playground of the Goddess.

Location: Our location has been referred to as the perfect swallows and amazons adventure! A stunning house with gardens right up to the waters edge on the South Cornish Coast.

This promises to be magnificent!

Cost: £395 per person. 

Autumn Retreat:

The Sacred Vessel: Our Clay, Our Braid & Our song.

8th Oct-11th Oct 2022

A return visit to a space that has profound magic woven into her very landscape. A place of power that whispers of timeless wisdom, of the many feet that have walked the trail down to the sea, of the fires burnt here and the secrets shared under the dawn light.

It is evocative, transformative, whispering and wondering. Her waters, her woodlands, seemingly holding an enchantment that asks to be remembered.

  • What ageless wisdom calls to be remembered?

  • What powerful myth and magic stirs in our bones?

An invitation to come sit at the waters edge and dream with her a while. 

Location: If I could dream a place up it would be this! On the South Cornish Coast.

Cost: £395 per person inclusive.

All retreats are inclusive of Accommodation, Food & Practices.

Please Note: £100 Nr deposit required at time of booking to confirm space, all retreats are non refundable unless your space is able to be filled.