Take me to the places on the Earth

that teach you how to dance,

the places where you can risk letting the world break your heart

And I will take you to the places

where the earth beneath my feet

and the stars overhead

 make my heart whole again

and again.

Oriah Mountain Dreamer


Retreats are the immersion we dream of when we get lost to the day to day business of living. They are that space in which to breath deeply and fully. A pause in which we know ourselves observer and observed. A time to contemplate, dream and vision, to realign with with whats emerging, whats leaving. A place of like minds and conversations that dive deeply. Places where ocean walks, stone circles, wooded glades and vast open spaces dance.. Where ceremony and ritual is the life we are living.

We love holding retreats. They are rich ground from which all things grow.

Whether a morning or afternoon, a weekend, or more.. retreats bring us back to stillness. From stillness all else emerges.



Journey through the Seven Sacred Centres

A Transformational Seven Month Chakra Sadhana

Maybe at the start of all journeys, at all openings to transformation there is first that question that calls us to pause, to ask ourselves, "Do you allow yourSelf?"

Do you allow yourSelf to come fully to these Seven Gateways?

This will be a deep dive into the sacred nature of being through the Chakras, into energywork and ritual, invoking the qualities of the Deities, the Goddess, Tantric practices born of Traditional Himalayan Kundalini Yoga, Kriya, Pranayama, Laya, Flow, Silence, Mantra and Meditation.

This is alchemy. 

This is a reclaiming of the sanctity of life. The divine nature of existence. 

We will come to the sacred work of healing ourselves, knowing as we do, that we also heal our world, the wounds of our ancestors, the generations before us and those yet to come. As a thread in the web our healing touches everything.

  • We will bring our awareness to healing and balancing each energetic centre through Yogic Practices.

  • We will invoke the divine energy of the Goddess through ritual, intention, mantra and myth, aligning ourselves into this divine field of Grace.

  • We will enquire into the nature of Self, into the very ground of our beingness.  

  • We will shed skins and stories and reclaim our Sovereignty.

  • We will meet together in ceremony and sanctuary each month to initiate into the months Sadhana.

With each monthly Chakra Sadhana there will be a recorded Himalayan Kundalini Yoga practice of 30-40 minutes for you to take as your personal daily sadhana over the month ahead, inviting you to deepen your experiential awareness of Self.

Healing, Harmonising, Empowering. 

The voices of current Sadhakas

' It is in my withdrawal and return I discover my devotion and all I am devoted to"

"It really made me wake up to the level of self sabotage I evoke upon myself."

" Oh Radha/ Krishna ..your love, your passion, your acceptance,  your trust... oh to live with such devotion, I am entranced."

" ...learning to not force."

" I have so much gratitude for these life changing sadhanas.. dropping into the peace and beauty, the silence, the acceptance, the letting go, the perfect timing with all that is happening. "

" I often got stuck in that place of fearing my own guidance yet these sadhanas are so personal yet so full of unity...I have found myself 

following my own dance in this "

"Im so not ready to soar. Im ready to crash to the ground and scream and yell and slam my fists upon the floor.. I feel utter rage that I find myself here.. and yet it is here I find my wildest dreams."

" Im finally at peace and allowing Saraswati to guide me."

"We found ourselves, we found each other and we found ourselves in each other."

Cost: The cost of each monthly Chakra Sadhana is £60 if booked individually, or if all seven are committed to and paid upfront, £375 [Concessions may be available for those on low wage/ benefits.]

Next Sadhana to begin in the Summer of 2021. To find out more or book your place please contact me at speak2lisa@hotmail.com or Tel: +447790 552293 




This is space. It is joy. It is breath. It is flow. It is meditation at dawn. It is community. It is chant. It is laughter. It is ocean. It is sunset. It is Kundalini. It is rest. It is enquiry. It is dance. It is dreaming. It is sound. It is fire. It is ceremony. It is ritual. It is silence. It is the beating of the drum. It is the journey, 

It is YOU.

Our Next Retreats away..

Stepping into the Unknown

Sat 2nd Oct- Tues 5th Oct 2021

In truth life becomes no more than the ever repeating past without divine entry into the unknown.. It could be said that the one who allows themselves to surrender to the unknown leads a life of infinite expansion.

This promises to be a beautiful retreat, held in what's known as one of the most stunning and unique retreats in the Uk.

£325 Per person Fully Booked

Wild Earth:Wild Heart 2022

!3th May- 16th May 2022

Be guided by Love

United of Heart and Mind.

The beating heart of devotion

To your own Wild Love

To your own Wild Earth.

To be held in a stunning house with gardens up to the waters edge this promises to be magnificent!

Cost: £395 per person. Fully Booked