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Words of love...

" Its truly diffficult to sum up the work we do. Every time we meet, it goes beyond any expected outcome. Lisa has a way to hold space like I have not really seen. She creates a powerful field that just opens up whatever needs to come and be witnessed, and the shift, the transformation happens right there. There is this unconditional lovingness and deep stillness that permeates her every word, every glance, every deeply guided remark that's truly healing. She doesn't rush to give you answers but intuitively prompts you to find, or rather remember your own. Incredible medicine woman, a living embodiment of Love, Wisdom and Grace. Karunamayee is the most powerful spaceholder I've had the honour to meet and I am so grateful to have been guided by her during an important transition in my life. Nobody has ever seen me more fully, more unconditionally, beyond all judgement or expectation. Every time I show up for our session, I have no idea what will happen, and ALWAYS my last word is WOW. No words. Love truly heals."

Ieva Seluna

"I love Olivers yoga classes, no matter how I arrive I always leave feeling grounded and connected...Through the most beautiful sound, mantra and gentle asana we are nudged to remember the divine that exists within us all.

Rachel Coleman

"I don't know how to thank-you. I am totally blown away by today. I don't think I have ever had a comparible experience. Every woman should have the experience I had today. I may spend the evening crying in gratitude"

Kym Netherton

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