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Journey with The Goddess

Chakra Sadhana

11 days at each of the Seven Gateways. At our feet the Goddess. In our heart the Goddess. In our sight and senses the Goddess. In our being the Goddess. In devotion the Goddess.

Every 11 days we will initiate into the next chakra, starting at Muladhara at the root, seat of all potential and finishing at Sahasrara at the crown...

77 Days of Transformative and Devotional practices. 

Pranayama. Meditation. Kundalini Kriya.

Asana. Mantra. Mudra. Self Enquiry, Puja, Yagya.

Each Gate another Goddess. Another Grace. An Invocation. A Mantra.

Let us Reclaim our Power. Reclaim our Grace. Reclaim our own Goddess nature.

Shall we meet here? 

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