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About Yoga- The Practice & the Teaching


I didn't know until I knew, that I had spent a lifetime in the exploration of unity. I did know I often found unity in what was supposedly separated by name, religion or practice, a separation that was all to often illusory and insubstantial to stand up to too much enquiry.. 

I didn't have 'name' for what I experienced until very recent years when I came to understand it as Yoga. It does not need name to experience it.

Sattva Yoga.. A Traditional Himalayan Kundalini Practice

Our practice is integrative, it is born of all and everything and yet nothing at all. It is that which stands behind sound and illuminates it. It is that intangible exquisiteness that transcends all knowing and draws the breath gasping from its own pleasure. It is the wordless behind the word, the stillness in the arising form, the dance in the dancer...

This expansive practise is rooted in Vedanta, its pure Tantric traditions arising with the Great Himalayas and the ancient masters who passed down these sacred teachings from Guru to student, Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar, Yogananda... and Anand Mehrotra, our Guru and Master Yogi who dedicates his life and love to sharing these authentic Yoga Teachings. We in turn share our love of these teachings with you..

This devotional Kundalini practice teaches us how to master our energy, guiding us into ever deeper states of transformation. It is the yoga of nature, the yoga of the devoted, the yoga of the one who arrives holy into the practice of self enquiry knowing all experience is in direct relationship to the one who is experiencer. Each Kundalini kriya carries its own unique vibration, connecting us with different energetic frequencies, as we move through stillness, mantra, mudra, breath, asana, flow, laya, chi and meditation.

I could talk to these teachings endlessly as one can when one is in a state of love but I would like to invite you to come experience them for yourselves. Love is always best experienced first hand.

Weekly Classes in the Yurt

Thursday 7.00- 8.30pm 

Sattva Slow Flow, Kriya, Laya, Mantra & Sound Bath with Oliver

A space to reconnect to your fundamental being, a deeply meditative practice.


Sunday 9.00-11.00am

Devotional Kundalini Kriya Practice, Mantra, Mudra, Meditation, Flow and Sound Bath. With Lisa

A space flowing with reverence for your own being, for nature, for life. A space for expansion. A space for Gratitude.


Weekday Mornings Online 'ZOOM' Yoga Classes with Lisa.

Shorter yoga classes of 30 minutes or one hour that aim to bring us to centre, calm the mind, enliven the pranic body, cleanse the auric field, awaken and stretch the physical and set us up for a beautiful day! :)

30 min class £5

1 hr class  £10

Each class meets you where you are. Where ever you are you are perfect for Yoga. Know this.

To chat please contact me at or Tel: +447790 552293

Come and connect with us on Facebook at Devotion.In.Yoga @ Karunamayee. 

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"Follow what charms you"

Anand Mehrotra

Devotion In.Yoga: Welcome

Namaste from Karunamayee

Yogic Teaching Packages

For those of you who are called to fully immerse into the teachings and practice of Himalayan Kundalini Yoga this is an opportunity to work together on a one to one basis. This is an in-depth experiential journey that dives

into all aspects of yoga. Its a commitment you make to your own awakening.

What is a life that hasn't fully committed to living?

All transformation begins with you. Are you ready? Are you ready to release the waiting and step up to who you know in your heart you truly are?

For further details contact me x

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