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Natur'all Sensuality

Sensuality is a natural arising in nature.

Sensuality is a natural arising in nature that humankind perverted in attempts to control her.

Life is sensual. She moves sensually, in breathe, in form, in mystery.

The warm sun on skin.

The wet raining falling.

The heady smell of the summer rose.

The breastfeeding mother.

The break of dawn.

The child at play.

The flower opening.

The breaths rise and fall.

To deny our sensuality is to deny life herself. To deny our life in her.

She is our life force. Our spark. Kundalini. Bliss. Sat Chit Ananda.

Sensuality, is a doorway, key to that which sits beyond sensuality.

Like the wave in the ocean. She touches that which is intangible.

To hide in fear or shame of ones own nature is to deny the sensuality of the dance in the dancer. To deny the fullness of life. Of you! Of all this!

Self enquiry:

How has conditioning shaped our relationship to our own inherent nature?

What is our relationship to sensuality?


Spend time in Nature. Be witness to the sensual nature of nature.

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