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Beyond belief.

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Yoga. A state of Union. Infinite boundless silence. That which transcends the limited self.

There is this.

Then there is this...

"Oh its not for me, I can't do it...

I'm too fat, too old, too inflexible, too intimidated..."

Take a moment. Close the eyes.

What are the images held within these words?

Is this yoga?

Are these images a truth? Or a media extravaganza?

Does our body not move? Does our breathe not breathe. Our heart not expand in love. Do we not know that deep longing that never leaves us?

Maybe the only thing that keeps us from yoga is the beliefs and ideas we put to the word.

Isn't it always this. That the beliefs and ideas we hold to something limit our capacity to see rather than expand it. That to say " I know" speaks as much to our unknowing as to that which is known.

Are our beliefs surrounding 'yoga' limiting or expansive?

Our beliefs about ourselves? Limiting or expanding?

Our beliefs about life? Limiting or expanding?

Take a moment to surrender all belief, all ideas and be here.

This. This moment.

You breathing totality.

Totality breathing you.

Are you not Yoga?

Self Enquiry: Who are we beyond the limitations you place on yourself?

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