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The veil is thin..

"The veil is thin.." Words we often associate with now, with this point in the year. Halloween, Samhain, where darkness is the beholder of light, when the descent of Inanna can be felt the most, when the journey inwards calls strongest and resistance rises highest..

Whatever our beliefs or non beliefs the dark is a repository for much fantasy, fear and myth. It is that which is beyond the seeing eye, that which is the beholder of mystery, the shroud of light.

I have by nature a funny quirky habit of looking at something and desiring to turn it around to perceive it from another angle, of naturally wanted to read a book back to front, to listen to the unspoken as much as the spoken and maybe it is this quirk that's looking to this "veil is thin" and asking ' When is it not?"

What is this veil that sits between the embodied and the unembodied, between flesh and bone and spirit of, between one and one?

Where does the veil exist?

Let's turn the question around and ask ourselves " where do those we have loved and lived not exist?"

They no longer exist in skin and bone, this is our grief. The very tangible longing for their physicality, their flesh. But what of their spirit? Isn't it this that truly enchants us in the living? That quality that pervades the being of..

Take a moment to remember a loved one, can you see them in your minds eye? Can you conjure the smell of them in your nose? The character and the quirk of them? The way they smiled? The things they loved and didn't love? Can you feel them here, right now? Are they not really close in this moment?

Lets take a moment to think of the veils of the living. Maybe remembering a moment with a lover when all distance between you vanished and love overwhelmed all idea of separation.. all veils falling away.

Take a moment to remember when you fell out with someone you were previously so close to, once so inseperable, and then suddenly things change and you can no longer find them. You cannot find that which was, all that is here is the idea that you now have of them, and the veil falls heavy. Separation strong.

What is this veil between us? Is it no more than an idea of one borne from flesh and bone, is whether the veil is thin or not just a concept of the mind?

If you and I were to take off skin and bone just for a moment, where would separateness exist?

I guess we all feel to be more than this flesh, more than this bone, that recognition of our own spirit, that aliveness, the vibratory field of, the intangible quality that pervades all existence..

Is it here that it could be said all is unveiled?

That thin or thick is what we bring to the table..

These musings are borne of my own experiences with spirit and also the work I have done with others over time. In all cases the veil has vanished as soon as the mind releases the idea of one being there.

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