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Silence and Seperation

A few weeks ago an urge to step out of the cycle of social media and all its threads arose strong, as did the resistance! It seems so much of lifes communication is centred around media now, maybe no more than in these current conditions and here I am with an impulse to come off! Was I mad?

What happens if we step back from that which no longer charms us? Come out of the loop. Allow ourselves to pause. To take a breath from all our doing and come fully into being. There is almost an hysterical level of doing in our world, a deep self belief that it is in our doing that worth arises but what if our worth is simply in our being. Our worth in our arrival into life as life simply arrives into us. Is it not in all the incessant doing that we experience separation from this juicy life that's in our very beingness? Who are we if we are not an inherent part of all this?

It seems that is only the human being that experiences this sense of lack, of not enough ness. A tree is not trying to be a forest, yet is a forest simply in its tree nature, for its part of many. The wave is not trying to be the whole ocean yet its nature is the whole ocean.

Yet here we are as human beings trying to be all things to all men when by our very nature we are all being. It is in my own pause that I have come to fully experience the lack of separation between us all. It does not exist. Where are the boundaries? Really? Does our skin provide a boundary to the resonance of thought or sound or experience from permeating the very air around us? NO. We are a soup of creation. A cosmic dancer dancing the wholeness of creation.. We matter. We are a cosmic ingredient in all this. Just as we are.

We cannot step out of that which we are. We can simply pause enough to see what we are. We are all this so however we express is an expression of all this. Whatever we put in we become.

So as we sit together in this natural pause of one year ending and another arising let us ask ourself how does the whole choose to dance through me? Express through me? Live through me?

We are already more enough ness than we can possibly imagine! What would we be if we truly knew this? How would we act? How would we serve? How would we live?

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