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The Vastness of Truth

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

There is a beautiful story that was shared with us by our yoga Guru and Teacher. It is a simple story of a group of blind men and an elephant. Each blind man is experiencing the elephant through their own sensory perception, each feeling they know the elephant based on their particular experience. Each of the belief that it is they who behold the truth of the elephant nature. Voices raise as each offers up their truth of what the elephant is, each insistent that their experience is the true one. One who holds the trunk speaks of the truth of the elephant being of trunk nature. One who holds the ears speaks of the elephant being of ear nature. One who holds the tail...

The elephant master comes along and amidst the clamour for truth, they come to ask him " Which one of us is right?" The response from the master comes " You are all right and you are all wrong."

When we loosen our hold... We open to the totality of expressions. Of experiences. As endless as eternity, as wide as the sky and as deep as the ocean.

No ones truth makes ours less.

Equally our truth does not deny another's.

When we truly know this, we set ourselves free and we set others free.

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