About us...

Yoga Teacher, Intuitive life Guide, Pathfinder and Counsellor

Together we are husband and wife who got lucky enough or persistent enough to find each other!!

Here sits a shared passion for the sacred nature of you and I.

For the sacred nature of all this.

We could call it love. 

We could call it a Souls calling.

What are our reactions to love, our response to love, our thoughts to love? How have we come to relate to this?

What stories, expectations and attachments do we have tied to this word? We seemingly spend lifetimes seeking it, yet isn't it who we are, right here beyond the fears and conditioning, beyond the layers that hold us small or restricted, beyond the shames of being seen and yes, beyond that most greatest of human fears, that fear of our own magnificence? 

Have you ever found yourself too fearful to fully open your heart and unveil the quiet wisdom that sits within? Have you ever silenced your own knowing? Your own voice? Your own uniqueness? Your own loving expression? Your own devotions? Your own sacred nature?

What would happen right here and now if you were you to commit to love? 

Would you risk to offer yourself to this even in your deepest unknowing, to face the distrust and cynicism you learnt to hide your deepest longing behind?

To come to the stories that play over and over in your mind, and dive underground to find their roots. To ask yourself if these stories serve you lovingly?

To come curiously to self enquiry, to unfolding, releasing, becoming, undoing, enlivening, enlightening.. 

To find peace in a knowing beyond knowing...

I get it's not easy to even contemplate love when it feels that our whole life is crashing around our ears, when we find ourselves in yet another destructive relationship or our self hatred gnaws us to the very bone of our existence, when we can't even see the next moment let alone a life that's worth living...

And I also get that beyond all this is something so much more. Maybe you have felt it in the middle of the night when no-one was looking, when your heart grew wings and took off on a vision beyond present circumstances and touched a deeper knowing..

It's in all this we meet you. Nothing left out. Nothing veiled or glossed over.. just here in the raw, alive, day to day living.

Take a moment here, even if our paths never cross beyond these few words we share together, and ask yourself "What is your greatest intention for yourself? For your world?

Refine it with your heart. Every day. It will serve you well. x



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